From the Director

In a world where nearly everything is now mass produced, art remains one of the few commodities that we can personalize.  When we


purchase art we can do so comfortably, with pride in the knowledge that we have acquired a truly unique possession.  When we


purchase art, we acquire its experience, and we add to that experience, build it and expand it, each and every day we appreciate it in our


homes.  A unique piece of art becomes an item that lives with us, until we bequeath it to our children so that they may live with it and


experience it themselves.


The great American painter Robert Motherwell once said that “Art moves beyond a tangible, functional object and into something that


can change our lives.  It gives us experience.”  So why don’t more people personalize their art experience?  So why not view an exhibit,


take a class, attend the art auction become a member...become a patron.  Experience the art.