Support the Arts

This wonderful Arts Center is primarily supported by our community.  That means YOU!   Membership, donations, corporate support, endownments all help offset the costs related to running an Arts Center like ours.


Community Support is Vital -


It allows us to continue our wonderful programing, such as our craft classes (pottery, jewelry, baskets, glass) or art classes, (drawing, pastels, watercolor), or arts education with our I love the masters series..


It allows us to develop new programing, such as the popular culinary arts series or new garden series.


We can focus on youth programing that targets special interest groups, such as Desination Imagination, Teen Scene,  Snap Decisions, Edible Art or Childrens performing arts.


It provides the support we need to keep our buildings in repair, heated and lit.


It provides the support for a strong and hardworking staff.


Community Support is a major part of our income and is what helps to keep our doors open and programs running.


You are our community and we hope that you will recognize how special this Arts Center is and how lucky we are to have it in our community.