Become a Volunteer

The Bonifas Arts Cener has a wonderful and hard working staff, but our two full time and six part time staff can not begin to run this very busy Arts Center by themselves.  Volunteers are vital to the organization and add a spirit and energy all their own.


We need help in so many areas:

At the Front Desk, volunteers meet and greet visitors, answer the phones and answer many questions.  They help with mailings and other projects as we need them.  You can contact Jodi for more information.

Events often require many helpers.  Many hands do, in fact, make for light work and when it comes to our many fund raising events we have the need for many hands.  You can pick the event or area you'ld like help with (i.e. decorating, making food, taking tickets, planning, cabarets, ushering, auction committee, and so much more).  You can contact Cindy for more information.

Learning how an exhibit is put up or struck down is facinating.  There is a method behind the process, but it is also a work of art itself.  gallery crews are needed with each exhibit and you can contact Pasqua for more information.

It is not uncommon to have us looking for that special someone who can work on a project within the facility.  Sometimes it's a simple project like putting together new easels, other times it might be a bit more complex, but someone who is "handy" is always needed on our volunteer list.

So if you have some spare time on your hands, please think about volunteering here at the Arts Center!


We also can't say enough about how much our volunteers are appreciated! The Bonifas staff host an annual Volunteer Appreciation brunch to say thank you to everyone who helped throughout the previous years. We also use the opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of an individual with our Volunteer of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Al Hansen, our 2014 Volunteer of the Year